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  1. Wiz -Thanks for the info. Injecting some reality into my purchase.. I see a posting of yours from 2015 that said "Also, sump pump oiled machines need to spin at over 2500 rpm to deliver the oil to the extremities. That is the bottom speed required for proper oiling. Most of the time, they are operated at 5000+ rpm." So this machine sounds kind of contradictory... I high speed machine with a servo? It was the H for heavy and the Servo that made me bid on it... Different topic... Three weeks ago I was in Lancaster PA for an Amish Harness Maker's auction. He had two Juki 441 clones, one a SewPro, that looked like it was driven by a compressor? Hadn't seen that before... They also had a Landis 16 that sold for $150
  2. Looks very clean. Wasn't planning on buying it so temporarily head and base are in different places. I think is a great deal - right?
  3. I think the pinkish Pfaff 335-H3 went for about $80 and the other Greyish went for about 30 I think. Auction was near Harrisburg PA
  4. This was an auction and I bought the singer 153W for $60. Didn't bid on the Pfaff.
  5. Matt, Wiz, Dikman - thanks for the info. Any guess what the parts cost would be (and availability) for the 153 and the 335? This may make the purchase of either one of these impractical based on the cost.
  6. Looking at these three machines for purchase. All set up for bindery - which I dont want. What does it take to remove the bindery attachments and revert these back to "regular" Only planning on of three. I'm a newbie. Have a Juki LU 563 (and several pacthers). Any assistance is appreciated. Wizcrafts - edited my profile and added LOCATION!
  7. Did you end up doing this and how did it work? What Servo did you use? I'm looking at a 153W103 now...
  8. Here is someone that made a new bag with a frame that looks old and just like the ones above. The bag isn't 100% to my taste but the closure looks great! https://www.smokedglassgoggles.co.uk/gladstone-bag-weekender-travel-bag-steampunk-bag-leather-doctors-medicine-bag-large-leather-travel-bag-vintage-leather-carpetbag-by-crazy2hands/
  9. New to these. Is the middle one complete and the first and last incomplete? middle one allows you to attach a handle easily. First and third are missing that piece in the brass frame. So are the first and third just "seconds" or is there another way that the first and third are intended to be used? Also, when looking at places that sell something like these I see Ohio Travel Bag but there version is cheap and cheap looking - so I passed. Found one or two other sites that had cheap alternatives. Nothing like what's in the picture. Any idea what would be a fair price to pay for a nice one? thanks Einar LeBlanc Brooklyn NY
  10. thinking about buying the machine but can't use a clutch motor.
  11. Could be some form of stuffing thing for pushing stuffing into something like a horse collar.
  12. Its all metal about 8 inches long. Looks like an ice pick that is missing the hook part. Someone suggested (or guessed) that it was for stretching out holes for lacing. It came from a Harness Shop. thanks in advance - Techexchange
  13. Don't have a soldering iron but have been accused of being a blow hard.
  14. thanks Bob. We haven't talked in a while. Is Joe Weis still around over here in Brooklyn servicing machines? Could I push something into the top hole (didn't know there was one) or only room for air? I would think this isn't an uncommon problem.
  15. I removed the two screws and I think I can see the needle through the screw holes (only because its brighter than the rest of the machine). How do I get it out? thanks in advance Einar
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