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  1. Hi Northmount! I'd just like to get any "link traffic" I may get from here, to my website. Those link clicks are the least I could ask for the work on my blog. Trust me, my site isn't going anywhere but if you'd like make a PDF of this for the future I think I'm fine with that. I may do another blog post on a few other pieces of equipment in the near future. Have a great week!
  2. Replacing a band-blade in a Fortuna SAS leather splitting machine can be a complicated job, follow the instructions carefully and have plenty of space around your machine to work. Our Fortuna SAS 15″ band blade leather splitter recently developed a crack in the blade and needed to be replace. These steps are taken almost verbatim from the Fortuna owners manual. Click here to see the full blog post complete with photos and instructions. I hope this is a big help to anyone with one of these machines! Nick Duvall
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