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  1. For sale: TechSew 2700 Pro Like new condition, purchased on 07/29/2017 and received mid-August Made a couple of bags and have decided to go back to hand sewing only Machine is in perfect condition, except for a stripped screw on presser foot Click on the link in the title for pictures and full specs on the TechSew site RRP = $2,149 plus an extra $350 for freight delivery to a residential address Delivery If you live within 2 hours of 44221 I'm willing to drop off for $50 You are welcome to come and pick it up in person for free ofc Otherwise -- I can only ship the sewing machine head only (no stand, motor, or flatbed) Price Drop off & Pick up (w/ stand, motor, and flatbed) = $1,949 (save +$500) Shipping method (sewing machine head only) = $1,549 + shipping Please DM for contact details. I can also provide: pictures, videos, original purchase receipt and anything else required.
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