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  1. Thanks again Floyd, Dasec is the agent in all of South Pacific. That's good to hear that not everything is "made In China". Cheers Matt
  2. Hi Guys, I want to buy a new machine. The last few weeks I had narrowed it down to either a Juki 1508NH or Juki 2810. I like the size of the 2810 but the max thread is Tex138 and have some trouble feeder foot with Tenara Thread. So I read about the Adler 867 Eco that can go up to a Tex 277. A dealer has given me a good price. It is is obviously a bit more than the Juki but I expect that for quality. But then now I read that they are made in China nowaday? Isn't everything made in China this days!? LOL. Anyway anyone out there with the 867 Eco with infos, impressions Thanks Matt
  3. Thanks a lot for that Shoepatcher! Matt
  4. Hi There, After a bit of Saving I am looking at buying a new machine. Either the Juki 1508 NH or the Juki LH 2810 S-S. I like the 1508 NH because it can use Tex 207 thread. But I also like the extra room of the LH 2810, unfortunately the the max thread on the specs is Tex 138. I am mostly using Tex 138, and maybe sometimes for some webbing work Tex 207. Does anyone here has the juke 2810 S-S and can it take Tex 207 even though it is spec at Tex 138 max? Thank a lot Matt
  5. Hi Darren, any companies you would recommend in Australia? Cheers Matt
  6. Thanks Floyd and Uwe, you guys are right about that 563! I still think of trying to buy new tough. I will have a look at those two Cowboy sew. Thanks Matt
  7. Thanks Uwe thank you for your tips and looking on my local "ebay". That Juki is a nice looking machine but i am after something a bit more grunty and more modern than the one i already have. The problem with New Zealand is that we are far away and the market is pretty small. The only Juki dealer here priced the 1541 at $2600 USD. But i would be really interested to know if Cowboy has something similar, their shipping cost were not too bad also. Thanks again Matt
  8. Hi everyone, my first post here. I have a workshop doing upholstery, bag making, leather work etc. So far i have a Seiko CW-8B and Bernina 217. I would like a flat bed walking foot. I really like the look of those Juki 1541s, but the price less so. I know CowBoy Sew has fairly well priced machines and i wonder if they have anything similar to the Juki. I Know they have a clone of the Adler 767 but i am not too keen on a compressor to use it. Any of you guys know an equivalent to the Juki from Cowboy sew or different company at good price? Thanks Matt
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