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  1. I butchered that question, I need to proof read before hitting enter..... Ok the pattern pack in question can be purchased from tandy however I purchased the pattern pack from Stecks ebay store. There is a shoulder holster pattern in the pack that uses a cartridge loop system for extra bullets on the users side opposite of the gun. I do not understand how to attach this carrier piece with a harness and the connect said harness to the opposite harness holing the gun. I could not find a picture online and was hoping someone had one to show so I could under stand the mystery. lol
  2. I was wondering if anyone has made the shoulder holster in the white packet envelope you get from tandy. I bought mine from stecks and like its possible look with the cartridge carrier counter weight. If anyone has a finished picture I could see or help in the mystery would really appreciate.
  3. I a first timer and am making a new double layer belt, each layer being 8/9 oz leather making a total thickness 15-19 oz. I do not have a sewing machine and the thought of hand sewing the belt is less than ideal. I would like to know if anyone has experience with using just glue only. I planned on using either Gorrelia or a barge all purpose rubber cement that cobblers use for shoe repair. I will use this belt as a daily item to carry a 1911 or assortment of N frame revolvers and for the 2017 IPSC season. Thank you
  4. Just wanted to take the time to say hello and say a little about myself. My name is Daniel and I live in West Kentucky and only recently have I became involved in leather craft. I found this forum by accident and can already tell it is bursting with knowledge. My areas of interest in this field are mainly cases, holsters, belts at this moment. I work as a CNC machinist where I program, set up , and hit the go button, making and repairing hydraulic equipment for the local area coal mines. I look forward to advancing and getting to know fellow members.
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