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  1. Getting better, one of my issues with the choppiness in the bevel is I was using a pretty small one, switched to a wider one and that all but disappeared. Practice makes perfect I guess. Thanks for the tip Fire88.
  2. Custom tbl holster i made for a friend, a minimal cc holster for me (punisher skull was literally just a screw around piece that ended up working well for a stiffener) and just some practice stuff, not the greatest but tons of fun trying things out...i posted in the intro section but it appears that was the wrong area for pics...
  3. Signed up a year ago then life got busy. Not too busy for a little leatherwork though. Got started in leather a few years ago doing some knife sheaths and was addicted instantly. Made a few holsters and working on a Mason jar wrap now and some other practice stuff in carving.
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