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  1. Welt that answers that. lol TY for the clarification JLS.
  2. Anyone know of our have a pattern for a Makarov P64?
  3. is the singer 211 capable of handling the same 138 bonded?
  4. just the info i was looking for. what thread size can these handle?
  5. at the very least what models would i be looking for? i might be able to scrape up enough fun money to boost my budget to 4-500. at this point i really cant justify spending 1k+ on a machine for a hobby.
  6. i would need something that can sew at least two layers of 7-8oz. iv seen people using older singer units for this purpose. plenty of those to be had at decent prices.
  7. my fingers dont like sewing by hand. im looking into options for a beginners machine. my budget is about 300$. i see a lot of singer units on craigslist. are there any models i should look for? what do you recommend?
  8. so i went to the local feed store. didnt have the bar soap. i did pick up the tin soap to help condition the flesh and flats and it worked great. was less than impressed with it on the edges tho. ill have to order a bar online. thanks for the input guys, all the info is mucho appreciated.
  9. ill have to get a bar and give it a shot. if its the same as the neutrogena i may have some issues using it tho... dont like hives.
  10. ah there is a Tractor Supply Co. right down the road from my place. ill have to stop by there and look into it. not a whole bunch of stuff out here. gotta order most stuff online. thanks for the tips. sadly im allergic to the Neutrogena stuff. something they put in it does not agree with my skin. unfortunately this is one that i will have to defer to someone else to be the guinea pig. ill see if i cant stop by the Tractor Supply Co tonight and pick up a bar. ill post the results hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the input Josh, nice to hear from another Josh every once in a while. I'll have to invest in some canvas. Where might I be able to source saddle soap locally? What store chains Sell it?
  12. no worries. thanks for all your input, i try to be like a sponge and soak up as much as i can. ill post some more Pics once i get a chance to experiment some more with the holster.
  13. i believe this is what you were referring to when you say tutorial. i think it did have another wheel that came with it. ill have to search, lost in the mess that is my workshop. to many gun parts to little space im afraid. gotta find a organization solution to that one. when you say Nap i assume that refers to the texture of the leather? if so do you think i can just use some wax to burnish down the fluff? also debating finding a very thin piece of leather and covering over the tnuts.... any thoughts?
  14. gotcha. thanks for the illustration. ill give the wax a shot. i manufacture custom firearms in my spare time. the 1k grit is for flat-topping and polishing the rails on my 1911's (a bit more refined than my holsters i assure you). what length stitch do you recommend? iv just been going with whatever is on the little rolly-wheel spacer thing (please ignore my ignorance, lol) as it was cheap and i didnt have to wait for a stitching iron to space my stitches. i do want to get a set of pricking irons but not sure what size to get.... also what is the best way to finish the felt side? i put it rough out to grip the pants better when drawing but the parts that contact my side (top of each side near the loops) irritates my skin and id like to smooth that out as well. should i just use the same process as the edges? sand smooth and burnish?
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