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  1. cindywalt2

    Techsew 2700

    I would like to talk about coming up to see the machine and about price. After looking at what it costs new, and also considering that I won't have a warranteed machine (and I am a rank beginner), I am offering 1,300.00. Thanks for considering my offer. Cindy
  2. cindywalt2

    Techsew 2700

    I am in the Charlottesville area. I have been reading about the machine on the Techsew website. Seems like a great machine. When did you buy it?
  3. cindywalt2

    Techsew 2700

    Does it have the laser guide?
  4. cindywalt2

    Techsew 2700

    Thanks for responding. This machine is a compound walking foot machine,correct? What part of DC are you in? It includes the table, right?
  5. cindywalt2

    Techsew 2700

    Hi. Did you sell this machine?