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  1. Hi all, I have 2 hot stamping machine and willing to sell one of them. Ebay Listing : Here is the detail as written on my ebay listing: Kingsley Hot Stamping Machine M-85 with excellent condition, can be used with multiline type holder. Work perfectly for gold foil stamping on Leather, card and other media. Don't miss this real bargain, get the perfectly working machine with reasonable price. This machine has a new cable (not the old cloth cable) WHAT INCLUDES: 1 Kingsley Hot Stamping Machine 1 Box Hot Stamping Type: News Gothic 12 on 12 pt body, Caps and numbers 1 pcs 3 lines holder for 12 pt type I also have a lot of foil, will include it for free as long the shipping cost covered. The machine work perfectly, it could heat up to 300 F, but mostly the gold foil/silver foil stamping work on 250-260 F. Like any other Kingsley Machine, this machine uses 110V Power Outlet (US Standard) I'm located in Ireland and willing to ship internationally. Any custom and import tax is buyer responsible. No Return. Feel free to contact me if you have any other question.
  2. Mayaa

    Does Kingsley Type/Font Fit Kwikprint?

    Hi, I'm using both Kingsley and Kwikprint and I can say Kingsley Type can be used on Kwikprint
  3. Mayaa

    WANTED: Kingsley M-50 or Kwikprint 25/55/86

    Hi, I have Kingsley M-85, I'm not using it on daily basis since I also have Kwikprint. I'm thinking to sell it with some of type, if you interested, just let me know.