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  1. cgraham

    Lace Master

    I have a lace master with the braider shaft that I thought I would get more use. Lace master is only a few months old. I'd sell for $325 shipped. Will only take PayPal and I will cover fees. Send PM or send email to greenhead.shooter@gmail.com.
  2. Been lurking for quite some time and finally joined. I have been watching videos and collecting reference material and have made some progress with my braiding, but am having trouble with my knotting. I have always been more of a visual learner, and would like to find someone local to take some classes with. I have tried the Tandy leather and my local one does not offer a braiding/knotting class. If there is anyone in the Saint Louis, MO area that would be willing, please let me know. Or, if anyone could put me in touch with someone local it would be appreciated. Also, thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum for all the wonderful information!
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