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  1. J Perkins 5.5 spi standard iron wanted or 6 spi standard and reverse irons wanted for case making in UK.
  2. Hi folks, I live in the uk and own a 5” and 6” (this refers to the actual cutting widths) Dixon bench splitter both of which are in very good condition. My 5” blade is razor sharp however I need a replacement blade for the 6” splitter either a new/old stock or a blade made to suit. My intention is to sell the 5”splitter but only if I can get a blade for the 6”. Any help or ideas on how I can get a blade would be most welcome. thanks John
  3. Hi, I'm late on this, has thr Krebs been sold? cheers John
  4. Frederick


    Hi Northmount, Thanks for your advice I am new to posting and appreciate helpfull advice. Maybe Rodeoman could give others a break too. thanks John
  5. Frederick


    Hi all, I live in the UK (Nottingham) and am selling most of my tool collection, many are in superb condition. My aim is to purchase an 8" Osborne splitter and other key items. Makers for sale: Gomph, Osborne, Blanchard, Dixon, Mayer Flamery Paris, Dixon splitter, Pricking irons (Dixon 5spi-11) plus many more. Please contact me to discuss further I anyone is interested. cheers John
  6. Hi, I need to regrind my Champion D splitter blade, what is the correct angle please. I have read threads on this subject here but no one seems to have given a diffinitave number (30, 40?). thanks John
  7. Hi, I have the very same question about grind angle, did you get an answer? Thanks John (UK)
  8. Thanks guys, Bruce, I just recieved your new tool list and there are No,s 2, 4 @ 8. Your email address has my order already (hopefully I will be first in queue) TinkerTailor, In the catologue the hollow edge shaves are Dixon's dated from 2013. Dixon are no longer trading but I will try to contact them and order if available, just need to figure out how to order in German. Cheers Frederick
  9. Hi, tried BruceJohnson and he only has 'edge shave' not hollow with the profile as shown. Thanks for redponding and I'll keep searching. Frederick
  10. Hi all, Could anyone help please, I'm searching for Dixon hollow edge shaves No.'s 1-8 maximum or at least No' s 2, 3 & 4. Sometimes the tools are not stamped and must be original not "Dixon style". cheers
  11. Hi doubt there Dixon as the profiles sre very different. Cheers
  12. Hi both, Thanks for your feedback, I bought a set of 8 from 'Abbey England' which where in a Dixon style. These were shocking, when I sent images for a refund the reply was "whats wrong with them", I got a refund and Abbey England received their tools back. Abbey's service is excellent however the 'Dixon style' did not work. Maybe theres a different old feller somewhere else making good ones. Thanks again for replying, in the meantime I continue to search. Cheers
  13. Hi all, I live in the UK (near Nottingham) and just missed out on buying a set (1-8) of hollow edge shaves from Dixon 's as they had gone intio liquidation. Luckily I had bought a large set of slim-line pricking irons 6mths before. Is ther anyone out there who would sell or consider swapping for other Dixon tools? See image below for a No.1 hollow edge shave. thanks John aka "Woodentop"
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