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    Knife sheath/cases. Belts, wallets and also bracelets for my grandchildren,

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    Knife sheath/cases. Belts, wallets, and bracelets for my grandchildren.
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About Me

I was introduced to leather craft way back in the 7th grade. I got back into it when I left the military. it was just a hobby for me at that time. I started working in the oil field and made myself a tally book cover. I then started making more as workers wanted one. I purchased a Cobra Class 4 to help with stiching on the tally books.

I eventually purchased a Singer 29K72 patcher from a retired cobbler due to friends asking me to sew patches on their vest. The word got out and I started doing more and more patches.  slowed down alot on the leatherworking. I got back into leatherworking when my grandkids (3) asked for bracelets. So now I do both as time permits.

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