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  1. My wife and I are looking for potential retail space to sell her refinished furniture, and my leatherwork (among other hand crafted items). Part of a proposed business model would be to provide classes to teach leather work (sort of like the 'sip and paint' rage that it going on now). I would like to show construction of some simple, yet useful items, like card wallets, small pouches, etc, but I'd like to stay away from things that will end up being thrown in a drawer. I would like for the entire project to be completed in 2-3 hrs, tops. What type of things to you suggest? Obvious lessons would include stitching, dyeing and tooling, and incorporate with something to actually make, I was thinking along the lines of coasters, a wallet out of one piece of leather, change pouches, among other things. Obviously time would be depending on carving projects (with casing and drying times), but that would be extending into multiple classes. There was a Tandy Leather within a 90 minute drive, but that store has closed. I've read the reviews about some of the classes they taught, and I would like to do similar (but with better quality materials). I think better quality products would present a better finished project, and more pride in "I made this." And as a side business, sell the tools, thread, punches, etc that could be used to build more projects. Does anyone else do this type of thing? A quick search didn't yield oo much with people teaching in the own shops, or through 'Makery' type outlets. Thanks for any input! Brian Nittany Leather
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