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  1. Wow. I didn't not intend to start this. I value the advice I get here from answers to my questions and those of others. I didn't get offended. My husband doesn't know one end of a sewing machine from the other, but he happily rented a trailer, drove to Waco and hauled it into the house for me. It weighs every bit of 500 pounds. My heart said that I would love working with this machine because I love my old sewing machines, so I bought it even though the work space is only 4 inches. Here she is sitting in my living room. I got her running (after lots of oil) and stitching seams in heavy elk skin. Just beautiful stitches - better than my hand stitches. And she will punch through anything I throw at her. I was able to use the linen thread that I normally have for hand stitching. I didn't use wax, but was able to run the thread through my thread conditioner, Thread Heaven, and it worked well enough. I also have a Singer 29-4 and an unusual double needle Union Special chain stitcher (also in my living room pictured below) that I am working on as well. I think some of us have the time to enjoy the process of creating more than those pressed to produce. Part of my enjoyment comes from working with the older machines. Thanks!!
  2. Anyone know this big iron machine? This was listed locally and I really need it :-). Im a sucker for old machines and its red. I think that the brand is American - you can see it down the pedestal. Would like to know more about it. I'm sure it will need some work and I'll have to become an expert fixer to coax it to sing for me. My husband isn't sure that this won't be too heavy to add to my sewing room that used to be our living room. I think it will look lovely next to my 5 other machines. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that knows this baby.
  3. Can anyone identify this one? I think the brand is American. It is listed locally and I am hoping to go pick it up. Just want to know more about it.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRITZNER-PATENT-LEATHER-SEWING-MACHINE-VERY-RARE-/122352734794?hash=item1c7cca924a:g:z7UAAOSwEzxYYwIL
  5. It's for sewing patent leather ( the glossy shiny stuff). I think there is one for sale on eBay that can give you a better idea of how it looks.
  6. I am having problems picking a machine that can sew bags made from lamb skin and other thin exotics as well as regular leather, but can also punch through the many layers at the handle attachment. My machines are for fabric, so I usually hand sew my leather projects. When I was learning, I discovered that the needle that I normally use for leather tears up the lamb skin - holes are too big. I switched to a smaller needle and thinner thread and the thread tore through when pulled tight. When attaching the handles to the bag, I am sewing through up to eight layers that are a little shy of an inch thick. A photo below of some of the projects that had thicker areas with very soft leather and or thicker hides (elk). I had about decided to purchase a Campbell lockstich or something similar as I loved the beauty of those stitches and it seemed to be a machine that can handle anything. Since I use more delicate leathers, I think I need some advice. I want a machine that can punch through the layers (usually 6-8) when attaching handles and sew beautiful seams on 2 layers of thin soft leather without tearing it up (needle holes too large, thread pulled too tight). My bags are usually lined, so there is often a layer or 2 of fabric in the stack as well. I usually use Sajou Fil Au Chinios waxed linen number 432 or shiny machine embroidery thread for the seams. Thanks!
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