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  1. Just updating. Rivets and skiver are sold. I have a couple of interested parties for the press and sewing machine too, so they're probably as good as sold too.
  2. Sorry about that - must have gotten too distracted trying to resize photos. Should be updated with the info now.
  3. Hi All, I am looking to sell a barely used (<5 hours) CowBoy CB-3200 I bought new from Solar Leather in 01/2017 - the motor is an Enduro Pro SM650-1. Worked great the few times I used it, but got an great job offer shortly after buying it which has sucked up all of my time. I'm moving to the silicon valley area late October/early November so looking to sell by then. I'm currently in Eau Claire, WI, but should be able to ship if necessary (I have the original packaging for the machine, but not the table). Also includes the Belt Maker's Kit from Solar, and the flat top table attachment. Looking for $1600 for the sewing machine and addons - would be willing to discount a bit to avoid shipping. Otherwise, I've got a bunch of other equipment I'll be looking to sell off if anyone is interested: Master Tools Little Wonder - $370 + shipping for the tool and all pieces Gang Punch Tube 7 (1/8") - 65-6615-7 Gang Punch Tube 8 (5/32") - 65-6615-8 Hole Punch Handle for Master Tools Little Wonder® - 65-6193 Brass Anvil for Heritage® Foot Press - 65-6585 Cap Anvil for #104 Rivets - 65-6455 Heritage® Die Set, Double Cap, Rapid - 65-6163 #104 Tubular Rivets Stainless Steel, 4/16" (900-1000) #104 Tubular Rivets Solid Brass, 4/16" (900-1000) #104 Matching Solid Brass and Nickel over Brass Caps C.S. Osborne Belt Tools - $25 ea. Bag or Oblong Punch, 1-1/4" Round Point Strap End Punch, 1-1/4" English Point Strap End Punch, 1-1/4" Bag or Oblong Punch, 1" Cowboy CB-806 " Manual Skiver - $200 Blue Gun - SIG P239 - $25 The site if fighting me with pictures, but I can take/send more detailed for those interested. If anyone is nearby, I have a bunch of other random tools, scrap, and chemicals (dyes, oils, etc.) - probably not worth enough to ship but I'd rather give them to someone than have to dispose.
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