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  1. I think that is the biggest lesson learned. Its one thing to sell something I have made (past tense), seems completely different to be "on the hook" to provide an outcome.
  2. Understood on the procrastination (me <--). I keep telling myself that making my templates are what is slowing me down. Perhaps its handstitching over 20 feet of 7spi/ per briefcase. I love this work, and knew you guys would understand. I'm going to do my best "Buddy the Elf" impersonation until xmas.
  3. So someone I know broke a cardinal rule, don't let the hobby/happy time cross over into work. Made a bag, someone saw it and ordered four briefcases for xmas. They threw too much money to say no (at least, *he* thought so at the time). Here *he* sits, stitching away on bag number one but making templates along the way. The next three will go faster, but he's worn out. How do you guys who actually make a living at leatherwork stay motivated? I know, rent needs to be paid, baby needs clothes, etc. But more about how do you stay in a flow-state and get 'er done? Asking for a friend.
  4. I haven't used vinegaroon but I've been reading about it - and, oh yes, I am a bit lazy. Wondering if anyone has had experience using it on finished leather, like english bridle. Could it be a quick and consistent way to edge dye straps? lazily, JP
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