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  1. Hello all! Now that I’ve learned a little bit, I think the pictures I posted have two types of leather - ‘roo lace that has been ‘folded’ and run through a rein rounder AND then some round ‘roo lace - which probably has also been run through a rounder and ‘compressed’ into that round shape without having been folded over first. My long term goal is to create my own hand cut, beveled ‘roo laces for knotting and lacing. I know this ambitious - I have watched and listened to a number of experienced leather workers on you-tube videos - I appreciate that this undertaking requires years of experience, many tools and skills - and patience - and if you are really fortunate - a mentor. i am pursuing this for myself - I do not intend to create anything to show or sell. I have long been interested in macrame, knot tying, lacemaking, origami - I enjoy the related histories and the math involved - and how these crafts cross-fertilized as sailors travelled from port to port and new techniques developed, sailors learning from things made by lace makers and vice versa. I also use math - like the Fibonacci sequence - in developing stripe patterns I create from the rims of vintage blue and white plates. I have developed a modest library of old books about these and more. I know I should be more focused - but I find it all fascinating - and in many ways these seemingly disparate pursuits are actually quite related. But - focus is necessary to develop a skill beyond reading about these things. i am fortunate enough to be able to pursue my interest in knotting and braiding ‘roo - and to try to learn the whole process - and how to use the tools. I have searched on-line quite a bit - but i’m still stuck as to getting started. I feel prepared to try my hand at the knot tying and braiding - but I would like to begin with really beautiful hand cut, beveled ‘roo. If anyone here either is or knows of a special source where I might buy such lace - please - I would appreciate your advice and guidance. Pm me - please - I will be forever thankful!
  2. So - I've done a little research and it seems that most people use the reinrounder and then stitch the leather - whereas, in my case, it seems the lace has just been "rounded" - but not stitched. My guess is that the "rounding" step was to make the leather pass more easily through the drilled pearls. Does that make sense? Does it look like - or is it necessary - to first bevel the edges before passing the lace through a rounder?
  3. Thank you wig! I will do some research on reinrounders! Does it look to you like it has been waxed or oiled? What would you apply to kangaroo lace?
  4. Greetings! I'm new here - and I am hoping that someone can take a look at these pics and explain what this is - I have actually done research for more than months - years - but no luck. I know that this is handcut kangaroo lace - at least I have learned something. It has been described as "hand rolled" - as you can see, I hope, the leather is smooth and shiny on one side, sueded on the other - and it looks like it has literally been folded in half in places - and it feels like it might have some oil or wax on it - especially in the areas where knots have been tied. These examples are from jewelry that I have worn for years, so the leather is darker on some pieces. I have found a number of sites that sell 'roo lace, I have read about cutting the lace from a hide, hand stripping it, beveling it - but I cannot find anything about "handrolling" kangaroo lace or any kind of leather lace. I have purchased kangaroo lace - but it does not look or feel like what is in my photos. I know someone experienced with working with leather will be able to take a glance at the pics and know immediately what this is - there is nothing better than experience - and I can guarantee my answer is not in a book or on the internet - thank you for reading - and looking - and I appreciate any and every insight!
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