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  1. have you gotten the parts for your machine ..if not you should call Boyd Walker in Spokane or better yet just take the head to there and ask for Darrel the machine is well worth getting the correct parts and being installed correct. you need someone close by ...good luck ..Dave1
  2. Gainesvilleman...your description you may have a burr on your hook...... your check spring may be holding on to long your bobbin case opener may not be opening enough, or not releasing in time to allow the top thread to pass. it really seems that there is a sharp spot... If your needle barr is to low the hook flange will deflect the thread if the needle barr is to high the hook its self could be cutting the thread......Check your needle barr height/ where the hook crosses the eye of the needle ..your friend Dave1
  3. First, on the very back of this machine , there is a pair of brackets and a curved slide . It may have a thumb screw, or a small maybe a 8mm nut. this sets the height of the step of the toe foot , the back foot responds to the toe foot . At the lowest setting the machine is working very lightly. at this point both feet are rising/ lifting about the same height. This setting is for flat work . And I believe the best setting for adjusting tensions both top and bottom. Set your stitch length at about half way just not full way, and try this on blue jean fabric. Also back the top tension off 1/2 turn to start , and use black on top and white on bottom ,for good contrast......we may need to adjust the check spring and the bobbincase opener as well .....does this machine have large bobbins.. good luck Dave1.
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