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  1. Sorry to tack on to this old topic, but I can’t get the forward and reverse stitching to balance on my New to me Juki LU-562. I followed your video Uwe, and I found that removing the screw and trying to move the block down to limit the forward stitch just moved the entire assembly. It seems to be frozen. I tried a few ways to free it, machine oil, some light prying with screw drivers, but I’m afraid I would damage something with any more force. I could try some PB BLASTER, but I’m not sure how bad this would be for the machine or not. Im trying to get my back stitches to go back into the previous holes for some quality looking stitching in leather bags, and this is giving me fits. Any advice would be much appreciated. Not sure about any techs in the Milwaukee, WI area, but being on a tight budget I was hoping to fix it myself. Thanks! Dave
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