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  1. So, i'm having the same problem. It was working well once i switched to a different thickness of leather. I then realized that my take up spring was broken. I've re purchased another one and i will you guys know if this fixed my problem.
  2. Thank you everybody for the replies. I tried everyone of your inputs. And now everything is going well. It's so tricky with these machine it's usually the tiniest things that cause major problems.
  3. Hello all, I've been having this problem with my TechSew 2700 Sewing machine and i pretty much tried everything and maybe now i can get some input from the great leather people here. So, I've had this sewing machine for a while and it's always going out of whack and i'm constantly troubleshooting problems.This time once i start stitching everything will be going fine and when i'm about 10 stitches in the bobbin case starts to make this struggle noise and the tension on my stitches gets to tight, or to loose then it will go back to stitching fine again. I've tried changing the needle, tweaking the hook timing, adjusting the upper, lower and bobbin tension, threading the machine over, re-winding the bobbin and even reset the motor on the machine. Has anyone had this problem? Any suggestions? Thank Yall!
  4. hmm that's unfortunate. Well when i fold leather on the edges and try to stitch them it wont feed forward, then i would have to try to do it manually. It's also because the butt end of the walking foot would get stuck and wont allow it to feed forward. I hope i'm explain this well. Any tips and tricks? or maybe a foot that can help solve this?
  5. Hello All, I have a Techsew 2700 sewing machine, I've been constantly having the problem of the leather that im sewing not pushing through, i realized that i need a roller foot. I purchased one but i am unsure if it's compatible with this machine. & if it is i have NO idea on how to install as it seems like the opening wont fit to screw it in. Any thoughts?
  6. Im a very small brand currently building in NYC, i looked up that Press and its hardcore. Any experience with Hot Foil and what it does to Chrome Tan Leathers?
  7. Hello All, I decided to join based on great tips i've been getting from this site but i've coming across a re- accuring problem as a Leatherworker specific on Leather bags and i use Chrome Tan Leather. Since it is very difficult to stamp on these types of leathers what will work best when it comes to imprinting my logo onto the leather? Will Hot Foil Stamp work on Chrome Leather? Arbor Press? Or Should i simply find another way to attach my logo onto the bag(s). Please Help!
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