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  1. Thanks for your input.  That's what my hunch was, but am new to the 135x17 needle system and thought maybe there was something I did not know & perhaps they were supposed to be interchangeable. Obviously the sewing machine sales company made a mistake in sending the wrong needle size. What a way to introduce a new machine! HA! 

  2. I am wondering..... I bought a brand new  CB 341 and included was a pk of 135-16 size 22 leather needles.  They worked fine and I made a really nice men's fanny pack in 5-6oz leather- no trouble .  With my initial purchase I also requested to buy a smaller needle size for the machine in size 19 for thinner leather & thread.  However with the next project, when I switched over to the lighter needles TERRIBLE issues began of breaking needles and also not picking up bobbin thread etc.  Maddening!!!  In looking back at my invoice, I realize that the needles sent were NOT a 135x16 or 135x17 but a 134-35 system-  which were at least 1/4" shorter than the needles called for the CB341.

    My question is..... Are those two really interchangeable or were all my troubles were because they sent the wrong needles? I cannot find any info online about it so thought you 'PROS' might give me a clue?

  3. On 9/14/2020 at 6:53 PM, johnny91 said:


    Hey guys, look what I found here. Are these 2 screw holes for edge guide, finger guard or? Does any subclass of 545 has these set of screw holes? So far, I didn't see this on any 545 models while searching the internet. What do you think?


    Maybe someone tapped those holes in for an edge guide? They don’t look factory IMHO.

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