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  1. I've read many times that the spring serves to put tension on the thread as the needle ascends, which then prevents skipped stitches. I'm hoping the broken spring is the culprit behind the skipped stitches issue on our 29-4...the machine is definitely skipping more stitches now that the spring has completely broken off...so fingers crossed! However, my friend's 29-4 also has a broken paddle spring yet infrequently skips stitches.
  2. Thanks Wizcraft and ndnchf! Your input is very helpful! One last question...once the pivot pin and i reckon the needle clamp are removed will the needle bar simply slide out of the machine at the top? Ndnchf- going to give the c clamp method a shot later this week. I'm much more comfortable with that than the hammer. Thanks for documenting!
  3. Hi! New here! I'm hoping someone might share some advice on replacing the paddle spring on my 29-4. I'm about to go nuts trying to figure this out! If I position the needle so that it is fully descended I can see screws that attach the thread check spring to the needle bar. However, these tiny screws are inconveniently halfway covered by the presser foot bar (where it surrounds and swivels around the needle bar) and I cannot reach them. Is there a secret to accessing these screws on the thread check spring? They are so obnoxiously almost accessible so I'm hoping there's an easy fix to this. If you do have to remove the whole needle bar does anyone have any tips? The pivot pin seems to be in their awfully tight and am afraid to really wale on it without some experienced advice. I've attached a photo, i know the quality is poor but home it gets the point across. Thanks! Kelsey
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