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  1. I am confused about the needle I need for a LU-563. I have attached the manual. Does the LU-563 ONLY use #23 needles? And what is the difference between DNX 17 and DNX 1? I thought the 563 was just a LARGE bobbin 562, so they should use the same needles
  2. Trading (even up I think) a Singer 251-13 that I got on auction. I think the Juki with the servo is the way to go. I had a Consew and sold it before I ever used it. I have regretted that ever since (made good money, but??)
  3. Have an opportunity to trade for either one of these machines. Looking to sew fire hose, canvas and leather. BOTH would have servo motors
  4. Well I ended up with the 251. Guy on CL wants to trade for either a Juki LU-563 or a Singer 29K60 either with a servo motor. What to do, what to do???
  5. What type of information do you need/want. I had a Consew that i bought SUPER cheap, but sold it and now wish I hadn't.
  6. There are two machines for sale locally Singer 112G139 and Singer 251-13. I can not seem to find much information regarding these machines. Will either/both sew leather. I really want to sew firehose.
  7. I have removed and cleaned out the two gear boxes on my CONSEW 206RB. I watched a vid that showed adding some grease before reassembly, but was wondering if it wouldn't be easier to added the grease after putting the boxes together. The top box has an opening on the top that I could and the grease through and the lower gear box has a screw that can be removed to check the grease that I could use to add new grease. I have Tri-Flow grease. THANKS I am trying to regrease and oil the unit before I even try to turn the wheel. It was sitting for some time (inside luckily) and the grease was hardened
  8. Does the -5 (dash 5) mean anything? My unit does not have a dash or a number I looked at the linked manual and it is different as mine has a level for the stitch length
  9. Were would I be able to get a manual. CONSEW site has just the 206RB-5 manual
  10. 1st time poster I picked up a CONSEW 206RB (no - #, just RB) for $40 off of Craigslist. I assumed the seller had left off a zero ($400), but he just wanted it gone. I am hoping to be able to sew leather and firehose. Will I need a servo motor (now has a clutch motor) AND a gear reduction or do the latest servo have the torque to sew at SLOW speeds? I feel that with only having $40 into the machine I could spend the money on a servo and gear reduction (if needed). THANKS and after looking around (even before I had a machine (a guy can dream)), I LOVED this site
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