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  1. I have made 8 things so far, 2 bag and a couple of other stuff but I am not really satisfied with the results that much, and want go get better. Had to do a lot of adjustment after cutting the pieces on my fist bag to make it look half decent. That is why I was thinking about those books. I will probably buy one about long wallets first to see if I can work around the translation issue. Thanks for yours opinion guys
  2. Do anyone here have books from studio tac creative? What are your opinion about it? I am thinking of getting one or two books from them but since I will have to import them, not sure if it worth it. It will cost me around 40 euros per book. Is there something better or in that style besides the ones from studio tac?
  3. I am having some difficulty contacting the seller, is this machine worth 120€? can a get parts for it like the more popular singer 29k? Thank again for the help everyone edit: for comparason, I paid 400€ for a 29k58 head and base, this one seem to by just head
  4. Hi, someone is selling this near me and asking 120€ for it... I asked the seller for the model number and he replied just "6" in the description it market as shoemaker sewing machine. Thank for any help
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