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  1. Hi Phil, sorry I don't have any drawings of the shuttle, I just made it to suit the carrier, your friend may be able to follow the pics here to get the idea how I made mine, and my carrier has 8 teeth not seven, also the rack looks longer than yours as well, from what I have seen I think this machines were all made different, Sorry I can't be more helpful. cheers Richard.
  2. Hi sparkey45, that's a nice find, you are right about the parts being scarce, the rack and gear would not be hard to repair or make, the hook is the hardest, there is a guy on e-bay that I bought my base from worth asking he has other bases so it is possible he may have an wrecked machine you may get parts from, worth a try. here is the e-bay link, cheers, Richard. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ANTIQUE-1890-CAST-IRON-BOOT-PATCHER-TREADLE-SEWING-MACHINE-SOLD-AS-PART-DISPLAY/274038310771?hash=item3fcdf4c773:g:bd8AAOSwutlb1F7K&frcectupt=true
  3. That's great, I don't think I will ever part with mine, is this the part you mean? Richard.
  4. Hi Mark, I used gloss Black Rustoleum spray paint, is a thicker paint than standard spray paints, and is fast drying, worked great for me as I hate waiting for the paint to dry Richard
  5. Thanks Rodney, glad you like it, I could not let it die in a pile of rust Richard.
  6. Hi Gordon, Thanks for your comment, your restoration was the inspiration for this, loved the combination of the gold and copper colors you did with yours, so had to copy it, I thought the red was a bit much but kind of like it now do you still have yours? Richard
  7. Haha!! now I've got it, thanks mate, it was worth it, Found another one in Sydney, complete and working, in case you are interested, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gladesville/sewing-machines/rare-patent-elastic-industrial-leather-sewing-machine-before-s/1185521804 Richard.
  8. Thank you very much, Richard. thank you, lots of hours of pure enjoinment and may God smile on you too every day, Richard.
  9. Sure, just finished it today , although it works with that thin belt, I intend to get a thicker one next week, Richard.
  10. Thank you Glenn, that means a lot to me, I already have a couple of projects planned for it, I will let you know how it goes, Richard.
  11. Hi folks, it's taken longer than planned, but slowly getting there, almost done now, should be up and running this weekend, here are a couple of pics of the progress on the stand, had to somehow match the stand with the machine, did not know how I was going to do that as the stand has a lot of gold and copper highlights, and suddenly had a light bulb moment, and here it is Thanks for looking, Richard.
  12. Thanks Don, Yes you are right, don't know what it is but some how those colors remind me of the Tom Hanks movie Big , Zoltar Speaks wish machine, but there is no similarity what so ever, go figure Richard.
  13. Sorry mate that one went over my head, please explain Richard
  14. Hi guys, Still working on the base, but had a break and after a lot of failures, finally made the decal right for the wheel, I think it is a bit too bright, but am not changing it now!! all done and clear coated, base should be painted this coming week end, thanks for looking, Richard
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