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  1. Hi everyone. I mostly do leather automotive upholstery and some small veggie tanned projects, but now I'm looking at recovering a motorcycle seat and making saddle bags. I figured I'd use veggie tanned for the bags, but what about the seats? I know automotive leather isn't the recommended material. I've heard to use latigo or bridle for the seats, but I'm not sure if that's best or the best place to find it. I don't want to do veggie tanned for the seats as I plan to sew pleats and patterns so I'd like thinner leather. Thought?
  2. Hi. I'm curious about the process required to make this fade effect. I like the subtle transition from brown to black. Ideas?
  3. Hi, I'm new to leather sewing obviously. I've often heard that you should use bobbin thread one size smaller than your top thread, but this advice comes from people that sew things like quilts and garments. Does the same apply to leather automotive upholstery? I have a large spool of #92 bonded polyester for my top thread, should I use #69 for my bobbin? Thanks.
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