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  1. Industrial cylinder arm sewing machine by Atlas. Model 335 similar to the Pfaff 335 sews through leather 3/8 thick with ease. Has a thread stand and Sailrite workhorse servo. Upgraded pulley that adds power and slower speeds. Comes with binding attachment as well.
  2. I know this is an old thread but I'm looking at making a case and I cant get any of these to open correctly. Has anyone converted them to something that could be opened in Illustrator or a Adobe? Or have patterns I could use? Thanks
  3. Ahh good point. Back to the drawing board lol
  4. Okay that must be what’s happening. I guess I can fix the cord to the table to hold it.
  5. Just had a quick question about the needle positioner I installed on my Consew. Seems to work fine but will be out of position sometimes. Does it need to be rigid? I.e. tied down so it doesn’t move?
  6. Just picked up a new 206rb-5 from eBay seller Solarc. Gave me a great deal. Helped me with the setup of the machine and even threw in a needle positioner free. Cant wait to get making!
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