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  1. This is still available, and would include all the orders I am still getting and turning down.
  2. If anyone wants the domain name. I am ready to sell. I will consider all reasonable offers...send me a PM with your offer.
  3. I think it’s about time to get out of the leather business on an official basis. I have decided to sell my domain name handsewnleather.com Also, if the person who buys it is close enough, I would also sell some of my leather stock, which is vegetable tan, 7/8 and 8/9 oz. Also have some hand tools as well as a mini drill press which I use for poking some holes and two belt sanders I use for getting the edges of sheaths and smooth. Have a large collection of email addresses of past customers and I’m willing to consider passing those along, (under the right conditions). I have a training video that contains a 13 or 14 different videos on how to make a sheath from beginning to end, the way I do it. I’m sure there are better ways, but this is what I’ve learned after making 15,000 sheaths or so, I have forgotten, and lost count by now. Interested parties could contact me about pricing. I willing to do a package deal that would contain the domain name, the stock, my contacts and my promise to pass along future contacts as I receive them. I have a YouTube channel and it used to be quite popular, I’m just kind of let it go these days, but I’m willing to make a YouTube video introducing the new owner as taking over my business and wishing them all the best (under the right circumstances.) Or, I could just sell the domain name, contact me if you’re interested. Why am I my selling? I’ve done this for a long time. I’m just ready to spend more time with my grandchildren and other family. I would prefer to pass this along to someone else, in hopes that they do really well with it. My goal would be to make a friend out of the new owner.
  4. Thank you! I'll come up with something this weekend and post it there.
  5. I don't see how I could sell my website to someone else....only looking to sell the domain name. For the right person, I would make a YouTube video (I have a channel) and let all my viewers know I am phasing out and supporting whoever buys my domain name. Also have email list, and some tools....(package deal only)
  6. thanks!! I have cut up. and re-sown, more than my share of cows...would like to see someone else take this and run with it.
  7. Hello, I keep trying to reach admin, but have not heard back thus far... My name is Robert Jones. I am a leather worker and owner of HandSewnLeather.com I am phasing out of the commercial leather business and I am thinking about selling the domain name HandSewnleather.com I was seeking permission on 1. If it is ok, and 2. where to put a post about selling my domain name and what it might be worth...interested parties could pm me, or whatever you think best thank you in advance for any help or suggestions Quote
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