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  1. Too complicated for me so changed to a simpler motor..this one is 800watts, !hp with np, mounting hardware, off my new Techsew machine TechSew sell these for $300...... $99 plus $15 shipping
  2. turns out that the motor is not the problem, just the way I operate it, so I replaced it with a simpler motor more to my liking. Thanks for all the help folks
  3. thanks for all the input.. If I could take a quick poll is your servo motor..at the lowest speed a- noisless..only hear the machine b-hums along at a constant backround noise level c makes more noise at low speeds just trying to get a take on what to expect..on all the videos all you hear are the machine clacking, not the motors
  4. yes..thats the weird thing. I don't know how servos work but no vibration when I do that maneuver..it runs noisely and smooth. Its as if once the motor gains momemtum and you quickly reengage it it either mechanically or electronically changes itself. You can only hear the machine working, not the motor..Isn't that the way they should be? It's the second motor since I thought the first defective so the motor isn't defective, maybe the design is..
  5. I have a brand new machine with servo motor and speed reducer.At the lowest speeds it grumbles and vibrates and as speed increases it smooths out.. it sews just fine but the low speed grumble is annoying.its mounted on a standard metal frame table which also picks up the vibration....thats around a stitch a second..Is that normal for these motors? Oddly if I quickly let up on the pedal and quickly press down it becomes silent at all speeds. any thoughts?
  6. catalog to samalmoe@whidbey.com

  7. please send catalog

  8. BillyR

    Speed reducer

    paypal is fine..use the address I sent you
  9. BillyR

    Speed reducer

    A barely used techsew speed reducer 3:1 in like new condition 50$ plus 15$ shipping..U.S.
  10. As I figured, you want to go as slow as you need to and as fast as you want to..Since I don't have my machine yet I was curious as to how slow it will go on the slowest setting. I am hoping for about a stitch a second..guess I'll find out soon. I ordered it with needle positioner....rookie move?
  11. thanks boys for your responses..I ordered a techsew 2750 with servo and speed reducer so it sounds like I can be a stitch a second sewer with no problem..I just wasn't sure if the servo alone would let me do that so I added the reducer to make sure. I hope the high speed is still useable..As you can see, I know nothing
  12. buying a new machine and was wondering how to relate rpm to stitches per minute..if with a reducer the machine does say 100rpm slowest speed, does that mean 100 stitches per minute ?thanks
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