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  1. i would personally stitch in one go, glue them down how the wallet should look then make the holes, and stitch but i might be wrong
  2. so im just on artisanleather and checking out there dyes because thats one place i have not really looked into and i will have questions later down the line when i first start my first projects but how would one know weather to use water based dye or just antique finish
  3. if ur drawing sucks then all i can say is its impressive because i have seen so much worse you should be proud of what you have done here
  4. i love it :D its beautiful and stunning how long did the carving take you ? :D
  5. i didn't know that jeff thank you im sure thats gonna save me later on down the line :D i love this forum you are all so helpful :D
  6. Hey guys wow im amazed at the replies haha :), i got a few books Stohlman - The Art of Hand Sewing Leather Lacing-and-stitching-for-leathercraft Basic-Technics-of-leather-craft-2008 im looking at more making keyrings, wallets, key holders, phone cases and go from there :), i can't wait to get started i have been reading up about stitching and saddle stitch which seems to be what a lot of people use, i would idealy like to get into leather carving as i find it very beautiful i was looking at thread and that confused me lmao and what confused me is when people use a edge slicker like do they use water or something else ?
  7. so while just starting out i am looking at all various tools across the ranges from tandy, ebay, amazon and other various places and im getting confused as to which tools are good to buy from and not to buy from and what i should buy first as there is so much to buy but unsure what kinda tools i will use as i don't wanna buy a tool ill have next to do need for
  8. Hey guys thank you for the amazing advice i will get some leatherworking books and such :D i had a look at tandys the other day and realised its not far from me the place in manchester :D wow zuludog this is alot to take in and is pretty amazing :D, u have answered so many questions i had haha :D. you sure know your stuff :D. i have been looking at youtube at leather making videos and its so nice :D, i sure have my work cut out for me learning this craft but i can't wait to get started :D
  9. thank you guys i was surprised at the price of tandy leather haha. but wanted some cheap stuff to try out and make little fun things and build up my skills i have yet to learn to leather sew haha. but ill have a look on this forum in the sellers section :D, you guys are so helpful :D thank you :D
  10. thank you i was just a little worried i don't wanna spend £40 on leather until i feel this is gonna be a fun little hobby and right for myself
  11. Hey guys i was looking on ebay at starting with using scrap leather since i don't have much after spending £150 on tools adn i was wondering is it okay to learn to pratice with scrap leather ?
  12. Hey guys im mark from the UK, i thought i would join this forum because im now a full time carer for my mrs and i need somthing more to do than just ride and play with motorcycles haha. i love the smell of leather but been watching a few youtube videos on how to choose tools and such :), the only thing im finding a problem is understanding the quailty of leather as ebay stuff never mentions if its 3oz or otherwise i love the whole leather carving aspect im yet to learn to hand stich leather as thats what i would rather do than machine as it is more unique :). i love the gun holsters but sadly being in the uk means i have next to no means to make them other than for cosplay im glad you guys have made this forum i spent about 12 hours on it last night just enjoying everything
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