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  1. Ah yes, but there's a whole generation of hipsters that don't want to ruin their pretty shoes and drool over hand made goods Oh well, I never say no to an adventure. I guess we'll see how it turns out!
  2. The heat shrink thing is interesting, I've never heard of anyone doing that before but its a great idea. However, something like these pictures is what I meant. Seems pretty straight forward, but I was just wondering if anyone that had experience with a handmade one had any advice. Obviously leather is probably not the most ideal material for this application, but it sure is cool
  3. Yes! It protects your shoe or boot from getting scuffed by the shift lever.
  4. Oh man, I know exactly what you're talking about! That's the same year that Converse came back in style like crazy because of that same movie! So interesting the way little things like that have such a grand effect.
  5. Hey y'all, Does anyone have any experience making boot protectors? I was going to take a swing at it for the first time and wondered if there were any tips or tricks as far as durability and fit goes. Couldn't seem to find anything in the forums.
  6. The hats are great, and I could see how they would fly off the shelves at a medieval festival. They could even make a decent welders hat. I'm also thinking about trying to make a really simple motorcycle shifter boot protector, I think that would be a fun little project.
  7. I do have a nice wood burner I don't use often enough, I will have to give that a try! Beer cozie is also an excellent idea, and I could really get some use out of it hah! I appreciate the reply.
  8. Thanks! I was wondering about the edges, I'm glad you said that! I've been doing a bit of brainstorming and I think I may try to make a small coin purse/make up bag type deal and maybe use it to make the bullet holders on the stock guard I'm planning for my Henry.
  9. Any good and or unique ideas as to what I can do with it? They're decent sized pieces, probably 5x8" on average. Thought I was getting some good scrap for practice carving but I screwed that up for myself
  10. Hey y'all, I know there's a ton of threads similar to this but there's just so much conflicting and circumstantial information out there, and frankly I only have decent access to internet at work and can't spend too much time sifting through everything, SOOOOOO.... Can some one pretty please with a cherry on top tell me if there is a sealant/finish product that can be used over angelus acrylic paint and fiebings/eco flo dye with out ruining either? Maybe oh maybe?
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