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  1. i'm working with an oil tanned leather for the first time, and accidentally left it stored with my veg. when i took out the veg i noticed that it was stained where the oil tanned touched it. Ok.. my mistake, but the last thing i want to happen is for my product to go to the customer and stain something of theirs. how do i keep this from happening? can i clean the leather, seal it??? is this a normal occurrence?
  2. So, im a newbie. Ive done a few smaller projects, and am ready to do my first big project. My question is, I can see myself not finishing this in one session, so I'll have to leave it overnight. I'm thinking cutting one day, and returning the next to tool. How do I accomplish this. Can i leave my leather out and just rewet, or are there ways to preserve the condition? Or, am I approaching it wrong? Should i do sections?
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