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    Making belts, purses for wife, easy quick production high profit items for quick sales.

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    New, not sure, have ideas for production and personal use.
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    Searched for dye comparisons between Eco Flo, Fiebings, and others, site came up.

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Due to head injuries and feet deformities, I can no longer do a lot of what I used to. No more standing/walking jobs, can't use computers like I used to.

After spending years at looking at making things for profit (ie, machining, castings, etc.), I will enjoy leatherwork because it is peaceful (no loud machinery noises), I won't get blown up, damaged from machine work, etc.  It's the least dangerous thing so far.

I can make things my wife will love to use.  I am working on my first belt, she thinks it's beautiful even with all the flaws.  :) Then, maybe I can make high quality items I can sell for billions and billions of dollars.


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