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  1. Doubleojedi

    What is up with my bevelling?

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean, Don't use a swivel knife?
  2. Doubleojedi

    What is up with my bevelling?

    Thanks very much for the advice. Much appreciated.
  3. Doubleojedi

    What is up with my bevelling?

    Hello I'm after some help. Carving and tooling leather terrifies me. Every time I try, it just doesn't go right. Deciding to practice I did a flower on a holster. If you look at the picture I've uploaded you can see my attempts at bevelling. I seem to have a small line of unfinished leather in all of the lines realise that this isn't good But I don't know what has gone wrong to produce this fault and can't for the life of me find anything similar online. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? Is my cut too shallow or too deep, is my knife not straight or too blunt? Is it my tooling? I really am stumped any help or advice is truly welcome. Thanks in advance.