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  1. Jackshandmade

    Consew 223 Help with value and application

    Thanks Wiz! I actually watched that earlier this evening. I would indeed be sewing things like that or possible a couple layers of marine vinyl with some 1/8” foam between. Seems like it would handle the job well. Wish it was a walking foot, but the price seems to be inline.
  2. Jackshandmade

    Consew 223 Help with value and application

    Thanks Doninreno. Think this would be a good first cylinder machine to add to my arsenal at a pretty low price?
  3. Long time listener first time caller. Need to add a cylinder bed machine to my arsenal. There’s one here on my local craigslist. How much should I pay for one of these without reverse? I’m trying to develop some sports bags, water bottle holders, wallets and that sort of thing. Will this work ok being a needle feed? Thanks for your help. I began my sewing journey in November so I appreciate the good advice and this forum has been an invaluable resource to me.