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  1. Thank you very much. I’m still trying to learn all differences between super sheen, tan Kote, wyosheen, resolene, etc. Put the pledge on after the resolene or super sheen I suppose?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently started leather work about four months ago. I have been reading a lot of forums trying to learn as much as I can and I have started making pancake style knife sheaths. I made one for my brother in law-This is the third one I have made, so I still have a lot to improve on and learn. I Used eco-flow Cova color acrylic paint on the flag. I sealed it with two coats of Fiebings tan Kote. He rubbed up against something pretty good while working and scratched it up. I was wondering if there’s a better product to seal leather up with, more so with acrylic paint? I just want to fix this on my end as well as I can so my work will last as long as it can. I know leather is going to scratch easy, so should I just warn them to be careful while wearing them? Thanks
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