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  1. Constabulary, I was just wondering if you might know if this durkopp 241-5 has any Synchronization marks for timing belt, I'm trying to check it but I'm not finding much info. on this machine. Or maybe you know another way to possibly do it manually. Thanks much for any info.
  2. Yes I see what your saying, the original part seems like it's hardened steel, very tough like spring steel.
  3. Awesome just ordered it. Very good video of changing it out this part.
  4. Ok thanks. This was my concern buying this old of a machine was parts availability. I have another part that's worn/broken It's in the lifting section that pushes pin to release tension on thread when you lift. I have parts book with numbers 241135k I don't what it's call my book is in German.
  5. Thanks much this is great info. to know. How about the feed dog and plate? The one,s on this 241-5S look,s pretty worn out any info would be much appreciated. Thanks again
  6. Does anyone know if the rotary hook for singer 111w will work on a durkopp 241-5S? they look close but I haven't pulled it out yet. Thanks
  7. I hear ya there. I'm a retired diesel/ heavy truck mechanic of 30 plus years, so along with all the upholstery work and wrenching mine was long over due. There saying now that it can be hereditary and my brother had both hands done at least ten years ago. We both had the same hand surgeon and his is all good. We will see in time if mine holds up.
  8. Sorry for delay in replies, been in Florida recouping from carpal tunnel surgery. I was away from computer. Anyway I'm three months post op and hand feels 100% now, other that if I bang the area of cut. Doctor said it was one of the worst he has seen, because I left it go so long. So if you have it and your still working your hands get it done it's worth it, my hand feels great. I'm into my first upholstery job and all is good. I have a few before and after pics. My cut was very large because of the severity, My bothers cuts are much smaller in size. Oh and thanks constabulary on slide plate info the singer 112 plate cut down worked perfect.
  9. My brother had it done about ten years ago and he says he is golden now and is still very active with his hands. So I'm hoping for the same results.
  10. Much better I was to the point of no sleep. My left hand is not as bad. Hopefully this will do the trick. Yes they call it a release. Pretty much just cut the tendon that is pinching off the nerves. I have two boat interior jobs to do but I have to wait 5 weeks. So that will be the test. I ordered the plate for the durkopp waiting to get it. I will let you know how that turns out.
  11. Thank you very much. Sorry I did not reply sooner had carpal tunnel surgery Tuesday and just now getting to this. Thanks for the info. I will look into that.
  12. Just picked up a durkopp 241-5 sewing machine with original table, I can find information on the machine but its all in German. Does anyone know what similar machine might have the same parts? My findings show singer 111w machines have similar parts but I'm not really sure. I need a right side side plate that covers bobbin housing and few other things. I own a Brother LS2-B837 and the feet are the same but the Brother is a larger machine over all. Thanks for any info.
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