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  1. After reading all these replies I have my speed turned down to 3 or 4 and I have the ramp up time turned off to try to help with stalling out. But still playing with it for sure and I appreciate your input.
  2. After reading all these replies I have my speed turned down to 3 or 4 and I have the ramp up time turned off to try to help with stalling out. But still playing with it for sure and I appreciate your input.
  3. Nakajima- though I call it Bruce because I keep saying Nakatomi by accident. (Die Hard. Nakatomi Plaza. Bruce Willis)
  4. Lots of interesting information guys! Thank you all so much! I've slowed it down quite a bit, and the torque drop off was helped somewhat by turning off the slow start (it wasn't helping much anyhow), but in order to get me into where I want with the speed, I'm still getting some stalling out. Sounds like the easiest thing for the non-mechanically inclined might be to replace the hand wheel. Unscrewing a couple wheels and replacing the belt seems doable. Unfortunately, my guy doesn't have any idea how to get a new hand wheel or servo motor pulley. I've got a Nakakima 341L (I'm lead to believe its a Juki 1341 clone) and a Enduro SM600-SP. Can anyone recommend a dealer who might have these parts?
  5. I need a book called “So you just want to sew slowly and don’t understand motors or pulleys” also what’s this about occluding the light to slow it down? It was referenced in a linked thread but I’m having trouble understanding how putting a sticker on it is the solution to any problem??
  6. Gymnast- Yes. This is what I want. I have no idea how to make it happen.
  7. sigh. My machine guy replied to my text: “you don’t need a speed reducer with a servo motor” um. I think I’d be the one to know. Maybe not how to slow it down but that it’s too fast for me. I feel like I’m getting “now see here little lady”ed. anyone wanna buy a cylinder bed machine - Atlanta area. Not completely joking ☹️
  8. You have to crawl under the table and enter the setup mode to change speed and startup speed. I have the overall speed and the length of time the startup speed lasts turned to the slowest possible. There is no knob. It just seems like there’s no “play” in the pedal. It’s off or it’s ON. I think I could pay the guy I bought it from to swap it out, but I don’t even know what I’m potentially buying. Or how much of an investment I’m looking at. (Thanks Wiz, I always like to hear your thoughts on things)
  9. I’m a newbie to the industrial machine game and I’m feeling really defeated. I have a Nakajima 341L (Juki 1341 clone cylinder arm machine) with a new Enduro SM600-2P. I’m having the usual uphill battle with figuring out a new machine (I’ve owned several domestics and can sew fabric on those just fine) but I’m feeling like even adjusted all the way down (which I’ve done) I’ll never be able to keep up with this machine’s speed. I’ve read some peoples posts about welding speed reducers which is totally outside my wheel house. Do I look for one? Or a new motor? I don’t even know what I’d be shopping for. The man who sold it to me is incredibly nice and sells and services machines- he’s been out here once and didn’t even charge me, says he’s really invested in making sure it’s up and running- but I don’t know what to do. Do I keep trying? Throw some more money at this problem and buy another motor? There’s no returns it was a Craigslist purchase. I’ve got some serious buyers remorse. I want to love this but I’m mostly just cussing and stubbing my toe on it.
  10. AmyK

    Dye fail to dye win?

    Used hair dye- no worries
  11. AmyK

    Dye fail to dye win?

    Recipient loved it. Asked me to dye her hair the same color. It seems I have a niche.
  12. AmyK

    Dye fail to dye win?

    That’s pretty much what I did. Worked the spine with some NFO clamped it bent for ten minutes- good to go. Then sanded and glued. I have it clamped between some boards and will put in the stitching holes tomorrow if the glue stuck enough to keep them together for punching. I honestly just need it not to slide, doesn’t have to stick too strong
  13. AmyK

    Dye fail to dye win?

    Today I learned: I’m a f***ing genius Now just gonna have to convince it to bend now that it’s got a half gallon of dye in it! I’ve got 6 days. I will not accept defeat
  14. AmyK

    Dye fail to dye win?

    It’s dried out and stiff as all hell, but I’ve got some Aussie on it so we’ll see what happens. If I need to oil it some more I will (shoulda done that first but was running out the door and just threw something on it). I’ve got a week til this friend’s birthday. I’ll definitely do some kind of contrast- because this is not a thread color so I wouldn’t have any choice! But maybe off white or blue.
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