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  1. For a knot-tyer I just made 4 sheaths for marlinspikes and a double sheath for fids. His customers were more interested in the simple leatherwork than his intricate ropework. Gave me a laugh and self confidence...

  2. terix

    Love your eagle!

  3. Happy New Year to the leatherworld!

  4. Constitution Day of Norway today! Hurra for 17. mai!

    1. King's X

      King's X

      Celebrate it safely, but also enjoy!

  5. 14,130 members! Didn't know there were that many lw's when I started. FB is nothing!

  6. Happy new year to the Global Leatherwork Family!

  7. How come most people think vikings had horns on their helmet? They had not.



      That is just how they appear in all the books. From what I understand it was their ancestors that used them.

    2. terix


      I'm not sure, but I've heard that the Danish people boiled cowhorns, rolled them out and used them for windows. That is, when people started having windows in their houses. Which the pre-vikings did not have. I think horned helmets are the artists' fantasy.

  8. Tkleather1: I agree!

  9. As a representative of a back-pack-people: Really like your backpack. My English is not good enough to give your credit!

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