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  1. hatrabbit

    Where to find extremely thin leather?

    Thanks for the offer, but 1.5mm would be too thick. I tried using something that thick and sanding it thinner but I couldn't get a uniform piece. Actually 1mm is even pushing it, less than that would be best.
  2. Hello all, I'm not a leather worker per sé but need to source a piece of leather that's only about 1mm thick to make a cup for an antique pump I'm rebuilding. I've been through the local retail stores and have found nothing this thin. From what I've read it should be veg tanned for durability. I only need about a 1 1/2" circle, and maybe a few more for practice. Can someone tell me the technique for uniformly shaving a piece this thin, or somewhere I could buy one? I am in Orange County, CA. Thanks.
  3. hatrabbit

    Need help from the leather community...

    SaddleBags, do you have the means to make a piece of veg tanned leather as thin as 1mm? I'd need it to be at least wide enough to get a 1/18" circle out of it. You could mail it & I'd pay for postage and your trouble by paypal or any other way. Thanks for considering!
  4. hatrabbit

    Need help from the leather community...

    Thanks for the replies, I should have noted that I am in Southern California, USA. The actual piece I need to form into a seal is only 1 1/8" round.
  5. Hello all, I need to make a cup seal for a very small antique pump. The original one was leather and I'd like to duplicate it. I've experimented with scraps and think I have the technique down, my only trouble is I need an extremely thin piece of leather, like 1mm. I tried sanding some scrap and it seems to take forever and it's difficult to get a uniform thickness. Is there a place to get a small piece that thin? Or do I need to keep trying to thin it by hand? Also, from what I've read I would want vegetable tanned leather for its durability. Am I on the right track there? Thanks