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  1. Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. Good luck with your farm adventures!
  2. Thanks for your information! Sorry for reviving an old thread. I'm leaning towards buying one of these Cowboy Outlaws. I don't think I have the room for a cb3200 and I definitely understand the pros and cons along with the limitations of a hand crank machine There is still so little information out there from reviewers. After a year what are your thoughts? Do you still have this thing? Are you able to follow a nice straight stitch line going slow even with only 1 hand to guide your project? Like I said, I have a very small area to work and think this machine would be best for me after looking at similar powered options. I wouldn't be using is often and I am a hobbyist. Ill definitely take the good with the bad too, so please let menkno, thanks!
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