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    To be proficient at sheridan tooling of belts, purses, roper wallets, wallets, notebook covers, handbags, messenger bags, round rope bags, cowboy cuffs, spur straps, chinks, chaps. Also want to learn IWB holsters, OWB Holsters, rifle cases.

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    Beginner; Sheridan Tooling, belts, wallets, custom
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    All I can; Learning little at a time
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I have a "job job" and do this part time.  My grandmother was a hobby leather worker and introduced me to sheridan carving in the 60s when I was a kid.  At 10 years old its hard to get interested.  When I turned 60, I was Digging thru old boxes of tools that were left to me I found an old Dixon head knife, Dixon Plough guage, assorted swivel knives and some stamps that were still in good condition.  I have added to my lot of tools, a little at a time.  There is always something to learn and I am amazed at the talent in this field.  ITs a very soothing hobby and its really fun too!

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