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  1. Thank you, fortunately my daughter has little interest in riding Western so we are simply making due for the hour or so she may be in a Western saddle. It works. They aren’t doing more than walk trot at this point. I have an older Rembrandt English saddle with a crank/screw type system for adjusting the tree. I’m pretty sure it goes as wide as any one were you swap the gullet. It’s not close to wide enough. If I can find some one close enough I may see about getting it reflocked/stuffed to suit her better. It’s probably time to redo the billets anyhow.
  2. That’s a bit of a distance from Michigan. But thank you, I may be looking to get my English saddle worked on/restuffed to sit better on her.
  3. My budget was going to be a big chunk of tax return but my husband is going to be laid off for a month or so and there goes that plan. At least we know before it’s spent. I’ll probably beg around for a saddle we can borrow and pad this year and save for something next year. I still need a pony show saddle but at least he’s generic fat pony shape and a common fit. Free horses seem to cost more than the ones I pay for! If I do find any info I will post here.
  4. That makes sense. Thank you. I’m kind if in a weird area, we have lots of riders but few tack shops and I don’t know of a single saddle maker/fitter. My English saddle has an adjustable and gets very wide but still sits too high in the front which is what got us thinking wider tree to help level it. I would be willing to haul an hour to the tack store but it’s all used and changes frequently. I may explain to the owner and have her call when ever a good possibility comes in. Some of the trouble is we want to find a show saddle. Trail would give us a lot more try on chances. Does anyone know of a saddlery near SE Michigan/NW Ohio? Closest leather guy I know is four hours but doesn’t really do tack that I’m aware of. I’m sure Indiana would have someone too. Thank you again, your advice really is appreciated.
  5. She’s a percheron/french saddle horse cross. She’s around 15 years old from what we were told but could be a couple years older. She was retired from show jumping, bred once and hasn’t really been ridden five years. I know the sway is a big factor but if we can’t find anything wide enough it won’t make much difference. I’m planning to cut her tracings from card stock to compare to saddles today. My 10 year old is looking to show her in 4-H. We had to start with a custom 66” girth but managed to make do with my saddle for the time being. (She’s not really 32 and shaggy like the first picture implies)
  6. I have a huge mare I believe needs a draft tree. I have her tracings and pictures to sent to a saddlery but before they go can I get a measurement to help me look for saddles now? I’m not sure where I need to measure across the tracing to get a correct idea of width. Is there a recommendation like two inches vertically from the top? I’m going to add the side picture of her if anyone has any suggestions.
  7. I was given an old pony saddle I don’t see a maker mark. I’m thinking it was a common 1950’s or 60’s saddle. I’m not sure exactly what to do with it. I pulled it down to clean and sell then considered letting my daughter show in it. The sheepskin I’m pretty certain is real but it has some damage and the white leather accents are completely shot. The taperados don’t have the original rivets anymore someone screwed them on but they can’t be used for shows anyhow Does anyone know anything about these old pony saddles? Am I better off selling or giving it to someone who wants a decoration than putting the money into any repairs? Or if it has a cool history just hanging on to it? I would love any info, history on similar saddles even stories about ponies you had as kids! (I have more photos but they are too large. If there’s something specific anyone wants to see I’ll add it) edited to add the number on the latigo holder is 27 over 3901
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