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  1. Yes-- Los Angeles area. I thought that posted automatically through my profile info; my apologies for the oversight.
  2. Consew Industrial Sewing Machine- model 369RB-2 with table and servo motor. Excellent condition $3000 OBO For Pick Up Only HEAVY DUTY, HIGH SPEED, POST TYPE, TWO NEEDLE, ANGULAR STITCHING (SPLIT NEEDLE BAR), DROP FEED, NEEDLE FEED WALKING FOOT, ALTERNATING PRESSER FEET, LOCKSTITCH MACHINE WITH CENTRA-LUBE® SEMI-AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEM LARGE VERTICAL AXIS ROTARY HOOKS AND BOBBINS DISENGAGEABLE RIGHT AND LEFT NEEDLE BARS APPLICATIONS For sewing medium to medium heavy-weight fabrics. leather, canvas, vinyl, synthetics and various coated and laminated materials Designed for sewing operations which require decorative or functional angular stitching such as collars, pockets, shoe uppers, auto, boat and furniture upholstery, slacks, shirts, etc. Designed for stitching such products as overalls. raincoats. luggage, travelware accessories, bags, umbrellas, awnings, covers, tarpaulins, tents, wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, underwear, etc. General/parallel two-needle stitching with split bar for making even angle turns. Suitable for stitching uneven, hollow, tubular and curved articles FEATURES Compound feed, walking foot mechanism assures perfect feeding of sewing material Large hooks and bobbin cases with their own thread take-up mechanism assure uniform and perfect stitching with minimal bobbin changes Easy operation of disengageable right and left needle bars by use of finger-touch lever Centra-Lube~ semi-automatic lubrication system Oil fed take-up Stitches per minute - 2200 Reverse stitching Various gauge sets available Safety clutch protects the hooks from being damaged.