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  1. The biggest problem I run into is a lot of the dye coming off when I apply the finish, in my case has been Eco-flo satin sheen. It has been an especially big issue when I have more than one color because they bleed into each other. I've also had the issue of the color lightening up a lot and becoming blotchy after applying the finish when it was a nice solid color before the finish. Any suggestions on how to stop or minimize this effect would be very welcome.
  2. I'm thinking of trying to do some wetforming to get some pauldrons to set better. I was planning on doing all the tooling first because that seems to be the way to do it. Wondering if I should even bother with the Tandy Eco fl water based dye I have though as I've had other issues with it. My other options are Tandy Cova color acrylic and Tandy Waterstains. I know I should invest in some oil dye but that is what I have and am broke these days. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. I am using the Tandy satin sheen. I only applied one layer so that may have been the problem. It is something I have noticed happening even with just one color as well. When I put on the satin sheen it seems to pull up some of the dye. Could this be from not buffing it enough to there is still too much dye on the surface? I think I have read something about that sort of thing happening. Also should I be prepping the leather with anything or just putting it on clean dry veg tan?
  4. From some of the things I was reading I have seen that the eco flo water based dyes are just crap but I've had some luck with them. One of the issues I have had is that when I put on the satin sheen a lot of the dye comes up. For some things that has worked out well but I am trying two tone and it makes keeping the colors separate very difficult. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it something that the products just do? I am applying both the dye and sealer with a paint brush if that matters.
  5. I just got some exciting new rivets but looking at them I'm not sure exactly what to use to set them. The ones I am having the most confusion about is some round pyramid ones. All of the setting tools I have are either domed or flat. Also got some resin ones and fake diamond ones that I'm afraid might break using normal methods. Any hints there?
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