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  1. So after i got home from work, I decided to watch all of uwe video of changing out the thread release. Well mine was broken also, plus it was assembled by the previous person wrong. I put it back together (minus the thread release, its on order). The machine works wayyyy better now! I also ordered the lifter lever spring. Thanks for making me think and putting me in the correct direction
  2. Are the two levers for the lifter supposed to be moving during machine operation? Videos of the rear of the machine running would sure help
  3. Thats the way it is currently set up. If that collar was loose then i dont have any presser foot pressure, also very loose stitching. While the machine is operating are parts 21 and 24 (in your diagram) as seen in the video. supposed to be moving?
  4. So, i have the manual and exploded diagram. I cannot find the engineers manual, and i have watched literally every video out there for repair and adjustments. I do not see anything that addresses the setup of the knee lifter levers or spring tension. Lie i said though, if it is not tensioned the stitches are super loose. Im sure something was assembled incorrectly at some point with the previous owners. ... still not letting me post photos or videos here...
  5. And now i am trying to figure out why i once I select a photo under the allowed size, i click done and nothing happens.... lol
  6. I have purchased a new to me (used) juki lu 563. I have gone through every bit of setup information and videos online i can find and it works fairly well. I noticed the other day that the lifter mechanism on the back moves when sewing. Is this normal? I have seen a few other videos out there where the levers do not move when the machine is operating. Could you essentially remove the knee lifting rod, spring and levers? I loosened the set screw for the collar on the lifting lever and now the machine sews extremely loose and creates pulled loops on the fabric... ill try and post a couple videos today at some point. Anyone have any ideas??
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