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  1. That's true. He's got some of 220 lbs weight.
  2. This table is divided in half and openes.
  3. Gregg, I will be very grateful for every information and a clue about my sewing machine Mike TAURO KNIVES & LEATHER http://www.instagram.com/tauro_knives_and_leather
  4. Looking for and I'm looking for a 305 - 64 Chandler. Don't you think it s an identical machine with my Seiko?
  5. Thanks mikesc. From what I see, the difference is that the yakumo has a walking foot and my Seiko has a walking needle. Besides, my machine has a back stiching Mike www.instagram.com/tauro_knives_and_leather  www.facebook.com/tauroknives
  6. Great! That's exactly this is it. Thank you. Is this your machine? What kind of model is this?
  7. Is it some website were i can looking by serial number what is this a model ? Mike www.instagram.com/tauro_knives_and_leather www.facebook.com/tauroknives
  8. Yep, it’s very heavy and strong machine. I’ve problem with cluch motor. Is to fast and not precision. I undressed him and I tasted the clutch of graphic paste but it didn't help much.
  9. Thank you all for answers my post. I’m buing this complete machine in very good price with clutch Matsuhita motor and oryginal table, thread stand and lots of needles. Now i know is the Japan product. (pic below). But still I don’t know what is this model. I found serial number (pic). Maby you can tell me where I can find info about this machine by serial number? regards Mike
  10. Hallo everyone. I want a buy that Seiko sewing machine. Does anyone know what a type or model is? Unfortunately, there is no number or symbol on it. I don't know where to look for the manual and information on it. I'd appreciate your help. Greetings. Mike
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