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  1. Are there any heavy stitcher dealers near south central Pennsylvania
  2. any suggestions on what to clean it up with? Whats the max i can expect this machine to handle (thread/needle and veggie thickness). The local sewing shop put a SV-71 servo motor under it since the earlier pic because the original motor was 3 phase. Will the speed reducer help the machine punch through easier?
  3. I'm having some trouble with my stationary foot hangin up in top position. i don't know what to call the part that its hanging up on. I took it apart to clean it up and oil it but i found that the position makes a difference on how hard it is to turn over. any help on how to set it up right?
  4. Thanks Northmount, i did not see that when i set up the thread. i also set up profile. Thanks Wizcrafts, I'll order the larger needle and try that.I went off they're size recommendations.
  5. Thanks i sent email address
  6. I just bought this Pfaff 335, I believe old casting. Any help with owner manuals or parts manuals would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows what the largest thread and needle combo that i can run. Currently I'm trying to run 138 thread and 134-35LR Nm 130/21 needle. The needle is a tight fit. I've been watching videos and timed/adjusted needle/hook. I've had a servo motor put under it but i'm currently looking for a speed reducer also if anyone can point me in the right direction as to which too buy. Thanks
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