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  1. Ah ha! Thankyou! That's brilliant! I shall have a play around with that tommorow! Thanks so much for letting me know.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your reply. It's a Eagle 1541s which I think is a replica Juki. Would the foot height adjustment be different than foot pressure? I have an old adler that only has half the knobs and dials this new one has lol. I guess I could have a play with said dial but dont want to mess up any settings. The diagram in the manual doesnt show that dial it just mentions a rubber bung which must be underneath it.
  3. Hi! I just received my new sewing machine and have spent the last few hours getting acquainted with it. I have read the manual but I can not find what this dial is for. Everything is pretty straight forward but this dial has me scratching my head. I have googled to no avail. Some machines seem to have it, others dont. So please can someone soothe my curiosity and explain what it is!
  4. Hi Glenn I recently brought a new generic set and originally I thought it was machine that was crooked but turns out it was the new foot. I was wanting a standard foot but with a smooth bottom. If they make them narrower then that would be quite good too but Im not sure what feet you can get. I'm in need of a new feed dog too.
  5. Hi everyone firstly thankyou to everyone who helped out with my first question about my wonky foot on my adler 167 373 machine, you where all so helpful! My next question is, can anyone recommend a website or company to buy original adler replacement feet from and a new feed dog please. My current foot is quite heavy duty and wide, is there a more suitable foot than the standard presser foot for sewing more detailed work? Perhaps narrower with a smoother underside? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  6. I put the internal foot from my welting set on and its perfect! So I'm guessing that means it's the foot thats not right not the machine. So now I'm on the search for another new set.
  7. Ok so I managed to get the outside foot looking alot better by adjusting it via the back but the inside foot is way off. I have no idea
  8. Sorry about posting the images as separate posts. I'm not to good with technology and my photos seem to be a bit big
  9. Thankyou I really appreciate it! Please let me know if you need any more photos. When I look at the outside foot I can see it's not lined up with the feed dog at all. It also looks like the righthand side of the outside foot sits a bit lower than the left side
  10. Wizcrafts can you tell me how to do this please? Sorry it may be very straight forward but I'm not very knowledgeable about this machine. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am using an adler 167 373 to sew leather handbags. It's a great machine, old but still hums along nicely. I've hit a problem with the foot. It started rubbing on one side. I tried changing the feet over to another set. It doesn't rub anymore but the needle is now positioned very close to the edge of the internal foot hole. I think this is causing an issue when I'm sewing thicker layers. Is there a way to move the the foot to the right without the needle moving too? The needle could maybe move a couple of mm but i think the needle position is ok. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
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