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  1. Oiled the surface to reduce risk of rust forming and the parts that need oil to function. I actually didn't take anything apart on mine. I know it's not the right way but I used pipe cleaners and brushes to just reach into places to clean.
  2. I used canned air to blow off the gojo. Then wd40 to rinse off the machine. Used steel wool and vinegar to get rust off parts. Then wiped it down with windex wipes. And oiled it to finish.
  3. Made a video of me testing it out. I'll post a video slide show of the photos I took while working.
  4. I going to spend Wednesday cleaning it the best I can and hooking a new servo to it. I will post updates as i work.
  5. I guess I'm just looking for tips on making this thing functional. I think at the moment I'm just going to gojo it and wire brush it like you suggest then test the timing and stitching.
  6. Took some pictures of the amount of dust, grim, and rust. Its offly bad now that I actually have it in hand.
  7. I am trading a saw for a Singer 111w155. Unfortunately this thing has been sitting in a barn for a few years after his mother passed away. It has some rust and alot of gummed up oil. This is my first industrial sewing machine and I just would like some advice on how to get this thing into the best shape it can be. What cleaners do you recommend or should I just find a shop to service it?
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